any idea what the best foods and supplements are to boost your immune system. I have been unwell 3 times this winter with cold and flu. any suggestions??

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello lovely!! Lemon, ginger and turmeric are all amazing and really soothing!! Try getting these into your diet as they're anti inflammatory and cleansing xxx

over 4 years

can't believe how much information you gave me Ingrid thank you so much xxđź’•

over 4 years

thinks so much for all your help xx

over 4 years

Manuka honey, echinacea drops or oregano oil always help me when I have a cold

over 4 years

There is a lot you can do. Your body needs to be in a state of balance, otherwise this is when your health will suffer. If you get sick time and time again that means your immune system and therefore your capacity of self-healing is diminished so you need to help it. Stress, poor diet or over-exposition to toxins are important to tackle by finding time to relax, eating healthily and reducing the toxic load. For food diet, try to avoid any inflammatory foods (sugars which inhibit immunity, additives etc) as well as dairy to a minimum (these tend to be mucus-forming so may make your symptoms worst) and pack high on nutrients and antioxidants (vitamin C and zinc possess immune boosting properties). Apart from healthy generic nutritional advice that you probably know you can increase your intake of immune-booster foods such as garlic, shiitake mushrooms, oranges and other fresh fruits, all fresh vegetables, especially sweet potatoes. Thyme, cinnamon and garlic will provide antiseptic properties while ginger will keep inflammation to a minimum. Stock up on chicken soup too, even better if you can make the stock yourself with an organic chicken carcasse as it will be packed with essential minerals from the bones.
Herbs and supplements can help boost immunity. It can very much depend on what you have. For cold and flu you should easily find echinacea and thyme, elderberry, plantain, St. John's wort, olive leaf, lemon balm.
Then essential supplements include vitamin c, zinc, vitamin a.
If you have a cough apart from the usual junk foods and processed foods the only foods you really need to avoid are dairy foods again as they are mucus-forming and you need to clear mucus and reduce inflammation in the respiratory system. You can eat nuts and seeds which supply antioxidants and zinc. Eat plenty of oranges, garlic, shellfish (especially oysters if you like them as full of zinc), lemons, onions, broccoli, carrots. Drink a cup of green tea a day. Ginger will help to reduce inflammation, while lemon and sweet potato will help to clear mucus.
I always start my day with a warm glass of water, half a lemon juice, grated ginger, and I add a tsp of honey with Royal jelly. It is an old remedy but a very efficient one.
If you follow the advice you can completely break the pattern of repeated flu and strengthen your immune system.
Wish you get better xxx

over 4 years

I take vitamin code for multivitamin
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