I know I was signing off for 2 weeks but I need some advice about sensible food choices on my honeymoon (don't want to come back a whale). So we are in all inclusive so buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner. The food is amazing but I need some sensible ideas of what I should eat, particularly at breakfast :) any thoughts? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Eggs are great often the buffet serves omelettes which are great!! Fish or porr ge! Avoid the pastries and refined bread and opt for fresh fruit and as natural as you can find xxx

over 4 years

Eggs and fruit, veggie omelette. Maybe a piece or toast. Watch the pastries and pancakes.

over 4 years

Of course. Just stick to clean protein like fish, vegetables, or a nice salad full of whole grains. Avoid wheat, processed meat and refined sugar and you will be fine.

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

Yummy xx

over 4 years

eggs , smoked salmon, protein to help fill you up. Happy honeymoon!