Seeking support... Let's start with some confessions. 1) I struggle with routine, I enjoy the novelty of a new routine but feel that I am almost programmed to throw myself out of routines 2) I struggle with a view of the world without a bit of excess alcohol 3) I'm in week 4, I think but I've realised that although I'm doing a lot of glow style cooking I'm not following the guide

I'm also finding it hard to cook different meals so often. I like to get to know a recipe so I can make it my own, a bit like a song.

I'm not sure where to go next except maybe week 2 as I have ingredients for a few of the recipes already. Or maybe to make my favourites for a week then move onto week 4.

Anyone got any thoughts about any of this? Feeling a bit rudderless....

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over 4 years

I reckon You could just follow the vibe of the plan by eating your favourite meals from the guide. As long as you're sticking to a rough version. Same number of meals and snacks and giving the exercise and meditation a go then it's all good. You've got to make things work for you. I don't think anyone's stuck to it religiously. You can still get your glow the rough guide way 😁 xx

over 4 years

Ok...... Week four is tough because the novelty is wearing off. I struggled with it.
You can make it as routine as you like - or not.
I chop a lot of meals around as I can't stand kale and pak choi! I keep persevering and the days they are in I just seem to eat less. Win win!
I think guide style eating is fine, it's not a rigid plan. Do you feel better for your efforts so far.
Part of the ethos of the plan is not beating yourself up for deviations and going with what feels good for you.
If you want a few meals a few times you do it.
Don't beat yourself up what your doing is fine and acknowledging what you need is a good thing 👍