So today I fell off the wagon. I've cheated a bit before but only by way of a couple of glasses of wine or an unscheduled date or two or maybe an apple for desert but today I fell off properly. I knew it was going to happen before I even started the program. Christmas didn't really happen for us, my Dad was in intensive care following a seizure. We spent the day in the hospital. Today was my parents way of recapturing what was lost. We had a bit of a family get together. Nibbles from Waitrose entertaining, only the sushi could be described as healthy. I had a choice, eat grapes and the odd piece of sushi feeling left out and hungry or get involved. I admit that once I chose the later option I may have gone a little overboard but I still think it was the right choice. Entertaining, as rarely as he does it now, has always been important to Dad and he deserved my full participation. I ate blinis and spring rolls, cheese and chocolate. I only drank one glass of wine though! Back on track tomorrow. Guilt will be shown the way out.

Moving forward. Hubs has lost 8kg on the plan and admits that he's feeling loads better as a result. We will be continuing with the program after the eight weeks. Sticking with Maddy's style of eating, using some of the recipes and mixing in others from her cook book and maybe some of my own creation.

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Abygail Irving-Isom
over 4 years

I saw some relatives I haven't seen in more than year and everyone got to play pass the baby! I did have to wrestle a bit to get Mr Guilt to depart but it's true, a healthy attitude to food must allow some room for days when eating the wrong foods is the right thing to do.

over 4 years

Sounds like you had a great day 😘

over 4 years

I'm pretty sure you made the right choice. life is real, it has it's ups and downs. back on it today and yiu'll be fine.

glad you're dad is feeling better

over 4 years

Well done for enjoying your day , being healthy is about enjoying all things in moderation and it sounds like your day was wonderful X X

over 4 years

Ahh your day sounds fab and happiness and good times with family is priceless. Xx