what protein powder would you all recommend?

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over 4 years

I love Neat nutrition (the vegan one). Great flavour and not grainy when mixed. Should also say that I've tried a lot!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

I like be sun warrior or neat nutrition! Xxx

over 4 years

I use Arbonne, made with pea, cranberry and rice protein

over 4 years

I use a plant based protein powder. It's hemp powder. It's not as sweet as the flavoured ones.

over 4 years

The body brilliance stuff is really good but expensive. I noticed a difference using that stuff though xx

over 4 years

I use bulk powder whey protein (choc flavour). I like this one because it comes from grass fed cows so good quality and its only sweetener is stevia. It is not too expensive either. I also sometimes use sun warrior vanilla flavour X X