Hi glow squad! I remember seeing lots of messages about the sesame and almond energy balls from week 3 - can you remind me what the revised recipe is?
Also what can I use as a substitute for almond butter? Can't find any at a reasonable price here...
Thanks! Xx

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over 5 years

Hi Sam, I made mine last week with one heaped tablespoon of each & the consistency was great. Another glow girl suggested starting with one spoon of each & then see how it was after blending, then you can always add more x

over 5 years

Thanks Maddie! Caught up on your live streams yesterday, saw you in front of the Beeb, made me all nostalgic! It used to be my office before Mat Leave...xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

It's 2 tablespoons of almond butter and 2 tablespoons of tahini!! You can substitute the almond butter for peanut butter or any other nut butter xxx

over 5 years

Mine ended up in the bin so can't help you with this one. Sorry 😁