Went off track last week as we had family out visiting us here in Abu Dhabi! And wow, I feel pants now, bloated, bad tempered, headaches and spots all back, but on plus side had no fizzy drinks!! Wee bit upset with myself that I let it slip but right back on it this week!!!
Even my hubby is feeling the effects of not eating the get the glow way!! And he only had the dinners and some of the lunches!!!
So looking forward to getting my glow back!! 💕🤓💕

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over 4 years

Same here. I'm reacting to stuff I didn't react to before the plan. I ate some cookies the other day and some chips and I felt like I was hangover the following day even though I don't drink alcohol. Really surprised me...

over 4 years

It's crazy how quickly it effects you when you go off the wagon. This plan is definitely a lifestyle change. Xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe stay strong!! You're doing so well keep motivated xxxx