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National eating disorders awareness week 21/02/2016- 28/02/2016.
Eating disorders are mental illnesses which have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses- 1 in 5 sufferers will die from this illness. I fortunately am a success story, I beat it. However there are so many sufferers out there who need help, who need help to beat this illness. Anorexia is not just a silly obsession with being thin. It's way more than that. It's about being able to feel in control. You share your body with a demon who controls every single things you do, every thing you eat every move you make, the ridiculous amount of exercise you do,it's horrendous. Fortunately I managed to fight with the help of family, friends and the staff at the priory hospital. Anorexia no longer defines me, I am no longer the girl with the eating disorder, I am Jen the strong, determined and courageous girl who stood up to anorexia and succeeded with the battle. Some days I feel so angry and frustrated about the irreversible damage done to my body from anorexia, the fact that my body is not the healthy body that most 24 year olds live in, but I realise I can't change the past. But what I can do is now focus on making myself as healthy as well as possible, and be happy with the fact I have a second change for life. Please please take time this week to think about sufferers and maybe think of others who you know who suffer and realise they are not deliberately trying to hurt themselves or others around them, it's not their fault, they are suffering alone and need love and support and help to escape. Let's face up to eating disorders and beat them , please share my post X X

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Lynn Watkinson
over 2 years

Oh my goodness that first pick looks like near death- so scary!! You have done so well and are absolutely glowing in comparison!!! X

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Emma jane
over 2 years

You are amazing. Keep going strong. Well done & thank you for sharing xx

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Awaken My Spirit
over 2 years

Truly Inspirational My Dear 👍👍
You have come so far....well done and big hugs to you 💖😘💐🌈

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Susan McGarrigle
over 2 years

Thank you for sharing your story. The fact you are using your story to help others just shows that you are an amazingly brave lady. You look the picture of health now. Well done👏🏻

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over 2 years

Jen, you look amazing, absolutely gorgeous. Be proud of who you are & what you have accomplished.
Absolute inspiration. 😀

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over 2 years

You look amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. xxx

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over 2 years

Jen, you're such an inspiration! Thanks for always being so helpful and supportive with this app! Your strength is contagious!

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over 2 years

You've done amazingly well and should be so so proud. Totally inspiring X

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over 2 years

You are a true inspiration and you continue to support all of us, especially after everything you have been through. Thank you so much. You must be so proud of how far you have come. x

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over 2 years

Jen you are such an inspiration! You are an amazing woman and I'm so glad you're back on track to being you🙏😘🙏😘🙏

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over 2 years

A huge great big hug to you, you fabulous girl ! 😘😘😘

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over 2 years

just enjoy life and do what you want. you have overcome it, it's in your past and now you can clearly do whatever you set your mind too.

The world is your oyster!

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over 2 years

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, yes the past 10 years have been a real battle but I am now being given the change to make something of my life and start enjoying things. I missed out on too much so have a lot of making up to do 🌈

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over 2 years

Thank you for sharing your story Jen. You are amazing, courageous and such an inspiration! Beautiful inside and out! Xx

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Abygail Irving-Isom
over 2 years

You look like the very picture of health now Jen. You've come a long way. Much love.xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Thank you for sharing this so honestly! You are so inspiring, I'm sure this will be so helpful for so many people X

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over 2 years

You look like a different person! Thanks for sharing such a personal story . You've done incredibly well and look terrific. It must have been a phenomenally challenging few years for you, your family and friends and you must have worked so incredibly hard fighting the illness but look at you now. You're an inspiration and testament to the power of self belief, courage and determination. May your future be everything you want it to be from here on in. Peace, love and all happiness to you Jen X Siobhan

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over 2 years

Wow Jen! You are amazing and doing so well. I've loved all your posts and beautiful food. Xxxxxx

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Becca TW
over 2 years

Congratulations Jen, you look incredible, you should be so proud of how far you've come! I know how hard is to take your life back from something like this - well done for being such an inspiration that things can get better. Big love to you ❤️

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over 2 years

You are inspirational. Well done on what I'm sure has been a very difficult journey at times. This post made me shed a little tear too. I wonder whether you could share some more about what has helped you, I'm asking as a social work manager working with increasingly vulnerable children and adolescents who have similar experiences xx maybe pm me, I'll also take a look at your fb page.