Will adding powders every day to meals affect the programme at all? Like Maca powder, spirulina, bee pollen etc.. I wouldn't think so, but thought best to check!

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over 4 years

Many thanks both! Xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

You can add these if you like they're beautiful and really nourishing!! Let me know how it goes xxx

over 4 years

No on the contrary, adding things full of goodness is great. I do add some bee pollen or Royal jelly and honey to my porridge, I take spirulina and other supplements every day too. I never had the snacks from the programme but I will happily have a couple of dates or nuts when I feel like it. And I had some dark cacao a few times too 😉 (this I consider more naughty). Plus sometimes additional fruits. But I don't overdo it. I keep a good balance.
Like with everything else in life I think the programme is there as a guide but the best is to make it your own with what works best for you. I followed the first week/2 weeks as close as I could but now I have started to adapt to my own needs and taste here and there. Just see what works for you. Some people might prefer to follow it to the letter.
I remember I saw earlier your concern on weight loss. I had lost 500g the first week, took 1kg back on the 2nd week but lost 1.5kg the next two weeks (to my surprise as I had the feeling I had eaten lots and it wasn't my objective) . I think when you eat healthy and don't worry about weight loss you will naturally loose what you need to loose and at a good gradual pace. The food in the programme will naturally improve bowel movement, it includes lots of fibres etc and your body will definitely catch up. No need for starvation and no need to worry. You get to eat delicious food and it will regulate your body naturally. You've got to trust it, enjoy the ride and let go of worries.