I could really do with a bit of encouragement and/or advice... I had a weekend off exercise-wise and thought I'd take advantage of the decent weather to get back into things with a jog. About 2/3rds of the way round my nose closed up completely, my eyelids puffed and it hurt to swallow. Unfortunately this isn't a new reaction - I still have no idea what causes it - but it ended up hospitalising me last year. I have an epipen but I'd rather not have to use it, and instead of getting back into the swing of things I'm now terrified of working out on my own again in case something happens. I've made so many positive changes to my lifestyle in the last 6 months or so and its just so frustrating for my body to be holding me back and fighting against me like this. I'd cry, but I've been back an hour and still can't breathe through my nose. Feeling very glum right now...

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I hope you are ok. It sounds like you have a pb or an allergy. It is difficult to say what it could be. I would find it important to find the root of the pb to be able to solve it and avoid that type of bad surprise. I can only imagine how shaking and horrible it must be. Perhaps try to
understand the circumstances when it happened and see if there are any similarities between now and the previous times. Have you been tested for pollen allergy? It would be good to keep looking until you do find the real cause. The problem to see doctors who don't know what it could be is that they will try to do something all the same, so keep looking for what it could be and try to find the right specialists. It can be good to look into books too. I will try to have a look around this week to see if I find anything. X

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That sounds terrifying! Hope you feel better soon. I wonder if it is something to do with outside? Has your GP been of any use? I'm sure the yoga would be ok if you took it easy. You could gradually increase the amount of exercise. Just see how you go. If you don't feel safe or comfy though I think you should definitely see your doctor. Hope you get sorted! Xx

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oh gosh how fustrating...sending you lots of positive energy and hope you get to the root of it soonxxx

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Does it only happen when you run? Maybe your allergic to something outside? So if you do the workouts you might be ok! But you need to listen to your body, maybe do less aerobic exercise and more anaerobic exercise then u will still feel like your working your body. Stay positive! You need to love your body as it brings you so much, don't focus on what it hinders you from.