Hi ladies, I'm new :) just joining up off the back of 6 months intensive weight training and macro counting plan that became unhealthy mentally as I got a bit obsessed. I also built loads of muscle (good) but didn't burn much fat (bad). Am hoping that glow guides will help me achieve balance in terms of food, help me retain some muscle and burn excess fat whilst giving me a much needed return to yoga and meditation which I have somewhat neglected in the last 6 months. I'm so excited, looks like a great holistic programme :)

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over 4 years

That's the right attitude. Fitness modelling and the whole counting macros for weight lifting is becoming a bit of an obsession in the uk and is not a healthy balanced life. You have done the right thing signing up, this will definetley help you be more balanced and appreciate your body for who you are rather than worrying about trying to be the perfect shape, cos let's face it that's not a fun life to lead. X X

Ella Cockerell
over 4 years

Thanks ladies. I'm so excited. Food is going to be the challenge for me as I am field based so always working in different offices and cities, which always affects lunch, and sometimes breakfast and dinner. But saw a nutritionist recently and will make smart choices....this is a lifestyle thing for me. Would like to lose some of the inches I've gained, but it's not really about that, more about getting healthy and balanced and appreciating my beautiful body for what it is. Xx

over 4 years

Hiya. Welcome 🙋. I'm sure you will love it 💚💚💚

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello!!!! So excited to have you on board!! I'm sure you're going to be amazing!! Let me know how you're getting on I'm so excited for you babe!! Good luck and keep glowing xxxx

over 4 years

Welcome! You're going to love it. It's really helped me find a balance with food. Hope you enjoy! Xx