I'm definitely going to continue after the 8 weeks are finished but branch out with different recipes on Madeleine's website and in her books. This programme has been the best money I have ever spent. Have taken to staring wistfully at all the scrummy healthy recipes she has. Maybe have had slip ups on the way, but a little bit every now and then definitely won't kill any of us.
Keep going glow crew, you are all doing amazing. Thanks for keeping me motivated ♡

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over 4 years

Just ordered Get The Glow to stock up on recipes! ;)

over 4 years

Me too. I absolutely love the way it has made me feel and look at food. 💚

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Thanks so much and yes this is a lifetime programme that's amazing to keep going with!! I'm so excited for the future it's going to be incredible filled with our support group and lots of love xxx

over 4 years

Me too. Loving the course and want there to be a follow up! Any plans Maddie?