Anyone else feels really achy after the workouts? It's a good achy though!😄 Today it feels like every inch of my body hurts 😩 but I'm so pleased I'm doing it, I'm loving the workouts! I'm totally new to Yoga, but I think Madeleine is just great at it!

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over 4 years

Hey! I'm aching too, in a healthy way, except for the elbows. I keep trying the push ups but both my elbows have started hurting with the workout...

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Yes babe but that's what the yoga is amazing for for stretching us out!! That's why I love having a day in between to recover out rubato full muscles!! Xxx

over 4 years

Oh gosh yes! Been aching 7 weeks lol. All good though xx