Was doing so well but boyfriend came down with glandular fever last week and I've completely fallen off the wagon. Between taking him to appointments, looking after him and working, have only just had time to make him food and feed him lots of vitamins. Have been eating horribly and done no exercise. Definitely lost the glow and am completely exhausted.

Trying to get back on track again today, but need an extra boost! Any advice welcome. So wonderful to see everyone doing so well!!!

Lots of glow love ❤️

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over 4 years

I find it works well when I've got some glow guides food ready in the fridge. I try to cook a few meals for me one day and a few for the family the next. When I haven't planned enough I try to cook a family friendly recipe from the guide or the book. Chicken's great for invalids. Cook a couple and have left overs in salads or other Glow meal. And make him a soup from left over chicken and bone. That will do him world of good. Enjoy xxx

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Thank you ❤️ will try and do a batch cook on Sunday to prepare myself for the next week. Took some time out this afternoon to do some yoga and feeling better already. Thank you for the support all 😘😘

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Noooo, I've had glandular fever and it's the worst. I needed so much help from my family, so it's no wonder you haven't had time to look after yourself! Sending you lots of glow-filled positive thoughts and hoping you're both on top form again soon xx

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Agree with hollydo! It's only a week and we would probably all do the same. Try and batch cook when you can. Big love to you both 💚

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To be fair to yourself that's a pretty worthy cause to fall off the wagon for. I did just because I ended up in the Easter egg aisle - avoiding that like the plague from now on. My husband had that and was awful so hope he gets better soon. Think the best thing is just drawing a line under it. Get a good nights sleep the day before and do an early workout and have everything prepped. Even if it's a ball ache taking the extra time to prepare food the day before it'll help keep you on track.

Hope that helps and you're both glowing again soon! Xx