Only two weeks in (well 3 since I've completed week 1 twice) but I already know I don't want this to end. It's not just about my body, my mind feels so much better!
I used to live in London and I moved back to the south of France 6 months ago to deliver my baby boy.
Now waiting for my beloved to find a new contract - he works in wildlife conservation....quite the niche - I'm a freelancer and can work from anywhere. In the meantime we're a bit in limbo, new parents, a little isolated, with very little social life...but I find the Glow Squad community to be an amazing support. So thanks all for being so present xxx

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over 4 years

The community is fab. so great being part of this amazing group xx

over 4 years

Thanks ladies! That's exactly what it is, precious time for me, and the feeling of not doing it alone! Winner winner

over 4 years

It'll be a fab focus after having your little one. It's crazy how fast things blur and you stop thinking about taking care of yourself. It becomes about everyone else. You'll find your rhythm 😁 xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

That's so lovely babe we're always here for you xxxx

over 4 years

The great thing is that it doesn't have to end! I am totally addicted to healthy cooking and eating now and really enjoying the yoga and meditation. I will definitely try Maddie's cookbook recipes after this programme and there is a lot of inspiration from so many people. I love to see healthy living growing more and more out there.
I wish you well with the job search, I am a big wildlife lover and it is at the heart of my creative work. It is very dear to my heart.
And say hello to France for me. I used to go to the markets when I was still living there. That's one thing I miss. If you are surrounded by nature it can be a great time to enjoy it and appreciate every minute with your baby boy. They grow up so quickly. And who knows it can spark some creativity. I Xxx

over 4 years

It can be a strange time the early days of motherhood but it doesn't last forever. Sounds like a cliche but it's true. You are on the perfect place to make sure you get sunshine that's so important and fresh air. I used to walk and walk with the pram and sing. I live in a very isolated area so no one could hear me.

Another thing I used to love and still do is having baths together and getting cosy.

Enjoy xxx

over 4 years

Oh wow that's so lovely. Your baby is gorgeous.
It is a very unique thing that we have with glow guides. I too am so grateful for the love and support. Xxx