No in feeling groggy damn ladies problems. I take the pill to stop them they make me awfully unwell and I forgot them now I feel like having the flu. I'm having fajita tonight somehow forgot how to make the tomato base with passata in it and I really got no energy to make the wraps so I naughty and got the gluten free wraps seeded I suppose once in while doesn't hurt

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over 4 years

A www big hug. Poor you xxx

over 4 years

Steak and spinach sounds spot on. Go easy on yourself and listen to your body. Xxx

over 4 years

Some days you just gotta get through the day honey! Just veg out and relax! Sounds like u need it. Plus your always so on point so it'll be fine! 80/20 X

over 4 years

My fibromyalgia is attacking me as well so it took me until 3:30pm to get up and get my anti depressants I walked 20 mins then caught bus home I walk with my stick. I been finding it hard to get to sleep lately but then today work up from a nasty night at 13:52 about running away from family but to London hiding. I think it may be because worrying about the day centre. But this is making me feel so sick . I loose iron when I'm on so I will up my spinach tonight and steak and spinach as well this week

over 4 years

oh noooo. dont stress i would just cancel the day, rest, eat your fajitas, early night and tomorrow is another day!! xx