I'm actually really anxious after reading the coconut oil posts and learning that it can push you towards heart disease.
I always understood that it is a good saturated fat with triglycerides that help reduce low density lipoproteins (cholesterol) in our blood.
I lost my dad to heart disease therefore having a greater risk of having it myself. I saw a qualified nutritionist last year to help my diet to reduce this risk who said coconut oil was really good and healthy, now I just don't know what to believe. I have used coconut oil as my main cooking oil over the past year only in the last 7 weeks switching to avocado oil on the plan.
Really really hoping Madeline can give us her opinion on this.

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over 4 years

Thank you auntiflipper. I know your a coconut fan đź’š

over 4 years

For me personally I wouldn't trust what' you read they say it a lot about every food too but there no scientific evidence to proof it