I'm really struggling with my eating disorder on holiday. Every time I eat I feel guilty and fat and hating it! My husband this morning then decided to say he was feeling heavier so was going to cut back which then made me feel worse...if he's put on weight surely I have too?!? Thing is I'm not even over weight so why does it matter? Eating disorders are the hardest thing to live with but I can talk to my husband because he doesn't get it! Feeling a tad alone on what should be an amazing honeymoon with no worries!!! 😢😢😢😢😢

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over 4 years

That's the spirit Jenny. Live in the moment and enjoy because you won't get the day back when it has gone xxxx have fun 🙋

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

Hi ladies! Thank you all so much for the advice. I did some meditation on the beach today which was lovely!! Just relaxing on my balcony now after a lovely swim in the sea and looking forward to spending another lovely evening with my husband!
Pincess thank you for your kind words and advice!
Going to try and let y hair down a bit more. As you say plenty of time to get my glow back when I'm home! So maybe the food and drink here won't give me my glow but the sunshine and my husband will 💚🌴☀️

Emma jane
over 4 years

Oh no not the best way to start your honeymoon. I haven't struggled with an eatting disorder but a very close friend has so I'm my heart goes out to you. What kind of thing are you eatting? Not sure if your drinking but that could make you feel bloated? Maybe a drink then a water etc. Try to be kind to yourself and enjoy your honeymoon xxx

over 4 years

Hi struggled with bulimia from the age of 14 and I would say I am still recovering now, if there's any advice I can give it's try and be positive every day I still revert back to my old ways sometimes for an hour sometimes for a month but whatever happens I try not to dwell on it as I move forward :) enjoy your honeymoon ... NO GUILT feel amazing, when you feel amazing you look amazing I promise xx

Gemma Smyth
over 4 years

I think that is excellent advice. You only get one life, live it. Try to tell yourself you are beautiful and think of what pincess says. I always try to think like that- as in when your 80 (God willing) and on the beach, if you could see yourself now you'd say "what a total babe!" When we are old and it's all gone south we will be kicking ourselves for worrying about our bodies. That's not to say that older ladies aren't beautiful too!! I follow "advanced style" on Instagram after watching it on Netflix, and the older ladies on there are inspirational and more chic than I could ever be! Give your brain a break and try to enjoy yourself and your husband 💗 Much love xxx

over 4 years

Hi Jenny
I don't have an 'eating disorder' per se but I have spent years telling myself I am disgusting every time I eat some
Thing 'bad'.
It's very debilitating and I now look back at a younger me sometimes and think I was actually ok.
You won't come back a 'beached whale' for sure. You look amazing from your pic and you have a beautiful baby and from what I remember - are trying for another. All of those things are amazing things that your gorgeous body has done.
Be conscious of what you eat because that's healthy eating but enjoy your honeymoon as (hopefully) it's the only one you will have. I often find on holiday that I actually drop a bit of weight as you are more relaxed. We all know stress helps us hold weight.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Give yourself a small mantra to start each day like 'I am good, life is good and I'm healthy' or something like that. It really helps.
I actually said to my husband the other day that I look pics on here and see such lovely beautiful women. We all seem to have the same hang ups but are all lovely.
Go girl! Enjoy yourself 💚💚💚

over 4 years

Be kind to yourself - it's your honeymoon, I'd have a little bit of everything you fancy and stick to non sugary cocktails etc if you can. What about trying to fit in a bit of a swim or power walk and star jumps in the sea/pool first thing. Above all try not to feel guilty. You want your honeymoon memories to be full of all the lovely things you did do/ try!! Plenty of time to cut back when you're back in Blighty ❤️ X