You know it's wierd, I thought my motivation would have been at its peak around now with only ten days to go but I find myself getting the munchies and craving wine. I didn't have the chia seed pudding today but I did have a pear, a banana and a raw brownie. All healthy choices but off programme.

I think it might be because my mind is on my life moving forward with glowing as a part of it. Can I get my weight to my happy place and keep it there without worrying about the dastardly calories? Can I prevent myself from feeling deprived if I do this forever? Can I eat cheese again? Many such thoughts cloud my mind...

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over 4 years

I feel that I am the same my motivation has dipped this week, but I have become more mindful of what I am eating.

over 4 years

Hi, I have pretty much been off plan for the last 3 weeks, following the principles and been really good, but not eating meat has meant I could follow all the meal plans anyway, didn't like the exercise plans so just continued with my normal stuff, had good results , but really had to tweak the plan to start loosing the weight . Don't be hard on yourself and don't get too reliant on this, eat well, have treats and keep moving ! Xx

over 4 years

I'm the same. I'm trying really hard but just not sticking to it to the letter. I suppose it's good that we are thinking about what we eat though. Xx