Loving my stretchy Sunday today! I love getting into cuddly clothes, grabbing my pillows and really winding down ready for another busy week. Is anyone feeling more flexible than they were at the start of the programme? Comment below...

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over 4 years

Yes definitely more flexible. Still issues with twists - something's just not right in my back...

over 4 years

More flexible but back bends are still so difficult!

over 4 years

Definitely much more flexible and stronger. It's the first time I think my body has truly worked together thanks to getting the nutrition right and balance with yoga. Thank you so much xx

Emma jane
over 4 years

Definitely more flexible than I started. Still attempting back bends. They are hard but feel so good. x

over 4 years

With you on that Madeleine, feeling that I am able to go further into my forward folds.🙆😚