Morning everybody! So I'm starting properly on week 1 today and just wondered if anyone else has an egg intolerance and if so what do people swap the eggs for? I see eggs feature a lot in the breakfasts! Is it ok to have oats everyday instead or alternate with avocado on rye bread etc? Thanks! 💕

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over 4 years

Thanks ladies! That's really helpful 😊

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Swap in anything you like from the plan that works for you. Avocado on rye sounds great - I'm addictive to avocado at the moment xx

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Hello 🙋
I would think alternating with avocado on rye or similar would be ok but add some protein like nuts or seeds maybe. I put a bit of tahini or nut butter in oats some days.
Good luck with the plan. I'm now on week 8 eeek! 💚