Hello Glow gals! I need to pick your brains please. Looking for a compact food processor to make energy balls, brownies etc.

Anyone have any recommendations for one that's under 2 litres?

Thank you 😊

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over 4 years

Magimix le mini plus is awesome and looks nice out on the worktop too 😍

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Great suggestions!! Yes kenwood is great xx

over 4 years

Thank you!

over 4 years

I love my nutri bullet for everything soups smoothies dips grinding rice flour and made energy balls no prob in there tonight X

over 4 years

Magimix. It's the best investment ever! Xx

over 4 years

Mine is the Kenwood FPP225 that is no.1 bestselling food processor on amazon and it's great for nut butters and energy balls. It's about £50.

over 4 years

Affordable budget one I use is kenwood

over 4 years

Ooops posted my reply on the wall. I have a bosch and wouldnt be without it. I think kenwood do a compact one as well.