Today I hosted a Birthday party and first time ever all the food was healthy and following Maddie's rules. Lots of veggies and salads, Maddie's peanut butter brownie was a hit! Not everyone was a fan of all the healthy salads and humus, but majority loved it, and I'm so pleased with myself! I know if I had done it the old way, I would have eaten lots of rubbish food and now feel guilty about it. And now I know all my guests had only healthy, nutritious food. 😊

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almost 5 years

This is so great! I always get nervous about cooking this way for other people but I definitely need to do it more. Glad the party went well x

Madeleine Shaw
almost 5 years

Sounds amazing!! Sounds like a great spread xx

almost 5 years

well done you!!

almost 5 years

Fabulous 👍

almost 5 years

Sounds amazing ! Completely agree , makes you feel better mentally and physically 💕