Today has been super tough! Our work week starts on a Sunday here in Abu Dhabi and I had some really disappoint audit results at work this morning I had to inform a member of staff that what he was communicating to other was wrong and I had to do it after this morning heifer he went to bed after his night shift and although I'm never harsh I just felt awful! I work across 2 sites and drive an hour and a half to get to one of them and I can't make my other day I usually do there so the manager there has had a pop at me this morning even though it's due to work circumstances beyond mine or hers control and I just feel like a complete failure at my job and the worst person in the world!!!
I'm feeling really down and out today and I'm just itching to go home crack open a bottle of corona and eat crisps and chocolate!l this evening!!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe you're doing so amazingly well don't be disheartened you are amazing and are going to shine and glow!! It's just a bad day it will get better you can do this I believe in you!! Have yourself a lovely relaxing evening and that will do wonders for you xxxx

over 4 years

Stay strong! If you give in and eat all those foods, you will only feel worse tomorrow morning! How about going for a walk in the evening, try to clear your mind, focus on other things. Do some yoga? Watch a comedy? Anything to distract your thoughts. At least that's what I try to do when I feel upset. Big hug! Xx

over 4 years

Thanks lovelies! I normally wouldn't post anything like that but your all so supportive!

over 4 years

I so agree with what everyone else has said. I had that kind of day on friday.. Usually i would drain a bottle of wine and indulge in rubbish. I have to say its the first time i did the opposite.. I had one glass and knew i would feel worse if i continued. So stooped and put on a comedy which made me feel so much better. I put it to bed and made the decision that it wasnt going to spoil my saturday. That said.. Dont beat yourself up, feeling like u do shows u care and if u do lose the plot.. Damage limitation and limit to one evening and back on track the next day xxx

over 4 years

Don't feel down! We all have days like that. In fact yesterday I had so many tech issues I felt like throwing my computer away! Today is another day. Take a deep breath and smile!

over 4 years

Poor you. Definitely not a failure lovely because you have empathy for the situation. That takes a lot in itself.
The thing is, if you go home and scoff you will probably feel worse. I agree with hollydo - take the non edible comforts instead.
Some things we can't control but our bodies and actions we can and abstaining may make you feel better. That said, if that makes you miserable and you feel a few treats will lift you up without guilt then do it, it's just another day and tomorrow is a new day. Keep smiling đź’š

over 4 years

Oh dear that's no good! But you are not a failure - look how much you care about this. Whenever I've had a bad day at work and I go home and eat rubbish it makes me feel worse - I feel rubbish. Instead now I try to sweat it out. Take it all out on exercise or treat yourself to a mellow bath and meditation. It'll make you feel better in the long run. That said some days just say F it and it requires wine! Hope you feel brighter xx