Hey beauties 😘 tonight I'm going to be doing a live stream! Tune in at 8.15pm (UK time) where I'm going to be talking about positivity and how to keep yourself motivated during the Glow Guides programme 💪🏼😄 remember the live stream is for premium users only so make sure you upgrade before then if you want to watch. Can't wait to speak to you! Xx

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Eva Mayer
over 5 years

Hi! Could you answer a question of mine tonight. It was actually ment for Shona and i posted it a couple of days ago. But I suppose she is not here that often. I am really happy with the weight I lost and the progress I have made with your workouts. However, I have this tummy fat that is not really willing to diassapear. What do you suggest? Should I start running or just keep on going with your excercises after week 8? I am in week 8 now. And should I jump between the weeks or start again with workout a? What is the best way? Thank you!

over 5 years

Yay! Love your live streams 😄

over 5 years

Excellent . 😘. Can we view the live streams we missed anywhere yet ? 😘

over 5 years

Great can't wait 😊