Advice required please! I was diagnosed with prolapsed discs in the base of my spine about 2 years ago. At the time it was really debilitating and surgery was muted, however I found that although my first choice would not be conventional medicine, I used pain killers and anti inflammatory meds for 6 months or so combined with very gentle exercise on the advice of a physio. Whilst I still experience pain, there is also some nerve damage meaning that I can't seem to get as much flexibility as I'd want during some of the yoga positions, the mainly seated stretching ones at end of the sessions. Is there anything anyone could recommend that could help with this? Otherwise I'm pretty active, regularly run, and do some strength training too. Thanks X

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You might find Pilates classes at your local private hospital. My mum did Pilates courses at ours, the winfield gloucester after her hip op. My partner did some swimming Exercise classes after his back op. Good luck! Xxx

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Hi hun I prolapsed three discs at the base of my neck and I found dry needling really helped me and I was given a lot of exercises with a foam roller which helped!
Also sitting on an exercise ball rather than chairs/sofa has helped build core strength which meant i had better support for my neck and back and went into spasm less so loved more.
Hope that helps!

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I would try and find a Pilates Class specific for lower back pain, once you have strengthen , then move back to Yoga . Xx