Last week I totally fell off track! We were all unwell and I have been struggling converting the meal plan over to being veggie. Honestly, I have been finding it a chore having to check the shopping list/recipes to see what's for what, and it's seems the further in the plan the more meat recipes, its putting me off a bit and I feel a little uninspired 🙁 are other veggies finding this problem? I feel like I have gone straight back to square one, how have you guys got your glow back? I felt so good in the beginning and want my glow back I'm missing having it xx

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over 4 years

I'm sure you haven't gone back to square one. What week are you on? I'm not veggie so can't help there but I think a bad week is what we all seem to have at some point. Pick yourself up and dust it all off. Tomorrow is another day 😘😘😘😘

Ella Cockerell
over 4 years

I'm veggie and rather than sticking to every meal on the set day, I pick and choose what I want and then plan my shopping around it...I've always menu planned though so it's not n onerous task. Am sure you could re-use some of the earlier meals, check with Maddie though. Try not to be disheartened, you're doing great! X