Hi, just after a bit of advice. I have PCOS, I was on the pill till about 18 months ago. Following this I had three periods then nothing since, in November I had to take a pill for two weeks but this really didn't suit me. Much to my doctors disagreement I do not want to go back on the pill and don't want to take the other pill again. I was wondering if anyone had any tips and if they have tried reflexology or acupuncture? X

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about 4 years

Thank you glow girls, I really appreciate all of your advice.
I'm now looking into these and what reputable places are in my area.
I have done a lot of research but it really helps to hear other people's experiences and recommendations 😊 xx

about 4 years

Something I came across which is very effective at treating the symptoms of PCOS is the herb saw palmetto as it contains fatty acids and phytosterols. Take 15 drops of the tincture in a little water, 3 times a day

about 4 years

I don't have PCOS but am currently having acupuncture. It's a long story about my fertility and anxiety but I can't speak highly enough of it. I find it really interesting too. Definitely think that approach rather than more meds is the way forward but that's just a personal thing. Definitely worth a go - plus you feel so chill afterwards! Xx

Kerrie Victoria
about 4 years

I have PCOS but only found out after a year from trying to have a baby.

I used to go to the Drs all the time when I was in my late teens saying that my periods were very irregular but they wouldn't do anything as I wasn't trying for a baby then.
They put me back in the pill which only masked my problem.

I wish they had actually investigated my problem, I feel that they have wasted a year of my life and the emotional strain of trying for a bs y for both me and my husband.

Don't go back on the pill. It's just a quick fix for the doctor to make you have a regular bleed.

Annoyingly, I don't have many of the PCOS symptoms. I'm not over weight and I am not hairy.

I have tried to help by doing this plan and by having acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Gemma Smyth
about 4 years

I guess it depends what your objectives are (pain relief/weight loss or trying to regulate your periods/something else). Of course the pill can have side effects and it effects everybody differently. It all depends on how bad/unacceptable they are for you- balanced against your risk of endometrial hyperplasia. Unfortunately your PCOS puts you at risk of this when you have very infrequent periods. This increases your risk of endometrial cancer in the future and the idea behind the pill is to induce shedding of your womb lining (endometrium) and protect you against this. I'm a GP so I can see where your doctor is coming from and why they would worry about you. But I can Also see where your coming from and how frustrating it is to feel as if your in a battle. I hope they've tried to explain that to you so that you can make an informed choice. At the end of the day it is your body and you're in charge and as long as you balance the risks then it's up to you 😘

about 4 years

I'm a massive fan of Accupuncture, it did amazing things for me xx

about 4 years

I dont suffer from this but have used acupuncture for a serious painful situation and im am a number 1 fan. After 1 session i was cured, have since been back for less serious issues such as a bad throat and the same. I would so encourage finding a good therapist it was a life saver for me.

about 4 years

Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your advice and will definitely try these tips. I'm just so fed up of having a battle every time I go to the doctors as I won't go back on the pill. I know I need to do something so thank you 😊 xx

about 4 years

Have read that maca powder can be really beneficial for hormone balance. Xx

about 4 years

I had reflexology and think it helped. I was quite overweight at the time and loosing weight really helped too. Not assuming you are just sharing my experience.
It's horrible I feel for you. I also got a book that was called pcos and diet. I don't have it any longer as gave it to someone after I had hysterectomy but it gave loads of advice on foods that help and hinder the condition. Xx