Just how tasty are the quinoa burgers from the recipe book?
Loving the glow girls. Started with the cookbook and then my friend told me about the app. I love how it makes me take time for me, I matter and I'm important :-) being a mum of two toddlers it's easy to forget. Particularly loving the yoga and recommended beauty products. Diet, movement and beauty regime have me glowing inside and out. Love this feeling!! X

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over 4 years

Honestly the most tasty burger I've had and I eat meat! These will be on the grill now at barbecues this summer. The cook book is great and on its strengths I've preordered the new one. There's a lovely mix in there but I only use the veggie ones. I was getting stuck on breakfasts and needed inspiration so the book hit the spot. Lots of smoothie and treats - all veggie :-) I'd in doubt pop into a book shop but I reckon it'd come home with you!

over 4 years

They look amazing, I am going to try those . 👍

over 4 years

Looks yum - is the cook book worth getting if you're a veggie? Wasn't sure how many of the dishes were meat?

over 4 years

They look fab! It's so true about taking time for you again. You become bottom of the list when you have kids. Rightly so I guess but it's nice to invest some time back in yourself :-) xx

over 4 years

That's just sooo good. It's literally life changing this plan xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

They look so dreamy!! 😍😍 Hope you enjoy them xxxx