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Hi Guys,

We’ve noticed that a number of you have been having some issues with the Android app including the upload of profile pictures, opening PDFs and intermittent crashing. We’ve released a new version of the app to the Google Play store so make sure you update your App to the latest version which should hopefully help with these issues.

If you have any issues please contact us at glowguides@disciplesupport.com

All the best!
Disciple Media Support

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almost 3 years

Thank you!

I can now download the PDFs in the preview section to get a taste of the programme. Only one problem left now, the week 1 meal plan is a duplication of the week 1 shopping list.

Otherwise, thank you for the fix. :)

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

hi there

I have downloaded the new version but now my docs will not open...I can change the profile pic but when trying to ooen my docs it is not working.

if possible can you try and fix this before the program starts as I wont be able to view any of the recipes.

many thanks

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almost 3 years

Fixed it for me 😊 thank you!!!