Hey glowers, how are we all doing? I love the plan and how strong I'm becoming, it's great! I was wondering if anyone has any advice on meals that are good for a big night out? Its my friend's birthday soon and we are off to celebrate but want to make sure I line my stomach well first! xxxx

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over 4 years

thanks so much guys, great advice! I'm going to somehow combine all of the above and be ready to party 😄 xxxxx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Great advice above, quinoa and sweet potatoes are great! Houmous is also great with some gluten free bread that you can make. Will set you up for a great time!! Xxxx

over 4 years

That's what I would do too. Or maybe the salmon with rice spaghetti is quite substantial. Xx

over 4 years

I would eat something substantial! Abaked sweet potato topped with a load of sautéed veg maybe... I have no idea though what's best, that's just what I would do! ☺️ X