Wanted to share, I'm in week 3 and my kids have loved the food this week, aged 8 and 5. Unfortunately my partner can't tolerate the smell or taste of garlic. It sets off his irritable bowls. Anyone got any advise on how to reconcile garlic and none garlic lovers? In the past I stopped eating it but I miss it. Thanks xxx

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over 4 years

Hi, I've been on the low fodmap diet for IBS where you avoid garlic flesh, and i was advised by a dietician to use garlic infused oil instead which works really well and shouldn't set him off in the same way

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey gorgeous!! What about onions?? Are they OK? If not, you can replace with the taste of your favourite spices to give some great flavour to the dishes xx

over 4 years

A family member has the same thing and we either avoid cooking with it or cook his portion separately. Don't think there is any magic fix in afraid and if there is one id love to know too! Liv X