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Morning glowing people, I saw this today and I thought I'd post and share for a Thursday morning boost!

When I first started the programme I could barely make it through the yoga and now I am so much stronger and have so much confidence! Yesterday I realised it's not the videos that have got easier/better, but me! hope everyone else is feeling positive about this journey too! have a great day. love tess xx

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over 2 years

Thanks Maddy, it's all thanks to you! I'm inspired to keep going and keep getting stronger, it's such a weird but amazing feeling being able to do things I couldn't before. thanks for the support everyone! hope everyone is feeling positive 😄 xxxx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

You're doing so amazingly well!! Congratulations babe, so proud of you xxxx

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Hi Tess
How nice to hear your happy story. You have a great day too xx