Anyone got any natural remedies for a cold?? 🙁

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Great advice above, lots of ginger and lemon, turmeric and medicinal spices will do wonders xxxx

about 4 years

Brilliant thank you will try all of these xx

about 4 years

3 whole oranges, lemon juice, an inch of ginger, pinch of paprika, spoonful of manuka honey and blitz it in the nutribullet...really works for me. Get better soon xx

about 4 years

All of above. And lots of TLC 💚💚💚

about 4 years

I tried the raw garlic that Madeleine recommend to me on her live stream, which nearly killed me 😉🙊 but really helped!! Also try ginger, with hot water and lemon and Manuka honey. Echinacea drops are great too!