Wow just finished a workout from week 5 and my butt cheeks are on fire. I’m sure you’re feeling the burn whichever week you’re on…Shona’s really cut our work out for us! Watch out summer, I’m bringing the booty ;) xxx

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Glow Girl NW Leah
over 4 years

Caught a glimpse of my ass in changing room mirrors yesterday.... Wowza!! Really noticed the difference, so much higher, firmer and peachy!! 🍑 #shonaass love it!! 💕

over 4 years

Im aching all over but love that feeling

over 4 years

Yes! You can start from week 1 but this time, try to stick with me and my variations/speed. If you already did that you can grab some extra weights with exercises such as the squat and lunge work we do. Xx

over 4 years

When I finish the 8 week programme I am planning on starting it over again. Should I start the exercises from week 1 again?

over 4 years

Oooh I'm starting exercise Monday. 8 weeks late! Pretty scared xxx