I've been in indecision about posting this but have decided to go for it. We are ex dairy farmers in Gloucestershire and now have a small Hereford beef suckler herd. We've got some beef ready tomorrow so if you live any where near me GL19. I can sell you some excellent quality grass fed beef lovingly reared by my partner Chris. It isn't organic but very low input. Probably too short notice for tomorrow but I'll have some in my freezer. Xxx

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Emma jane
over 4 years

what a good idea hun. Hope you had lots of interest. Buying local is so much better than the supermarket but no one has the time to go shopping to each destination x

over 4 years

Maybe you would like some for a supper club? But it will be frozen. Not sure if that's any good for you?

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Sounds lovely!! Xxxx

over 4 years

If I lived nearer I would be there. Good luck selling. Xxx