Morning Maddy & Glowers! Advice wanted.. am going skiing tomorrow (yay) but staying in a catered chalet for a big group & won't have much control over my meals 😬 Will try & stay as Glowy as possible, and was thinking of taking some energy balls as snacks, maybe spiralina balls or protein balls from the book. Has anyone tried travelling with them? Do they survive a flight etc? Should I take them frozen.. Am I even allowed to take them through customs? Many thanks! 😊

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about 4 years

i travel a lot and take mine with me as i just love them and wouldnt really want to snack on anything make up a batch . u can take them in hand luggage x

about 4 years

Have an amazing time! Maybe pick up some of the naked brand snacks, they contain dates, nuts etc and if they're packaged you shouldn't have any problem x

Elena Gontarz
about 4 years

Hi Heather. You can definitely take the snacks with you in your hand luggage. I made the protein balls for that same reason last year and we went through customs no problems. It's liquids they have an issue with, not food. I made protein and chocolate balls from maddie's book, froze them overnight in a plastic box and they stayed intact. Hope this helps. Have fun on hols!

about 4 years

Thanks so much ladies! That's a big help! ☺️ Yeh, hopefully the chalet hosts will be able to assist with some healthy snacks. It's saying no to the afternoon tea that will be the biggest test of my will power! 🍰😷 xx

about 4 years

Hi Heather, I actually used to work as a chalet chef / host and I am sure if you have a quiet work with them they will assist you as much as possible. They do the shopping etc so if you ask them to get you a healthy snack (some plain nuts or dates or even just making sure the fruit bowl is stocked) so that you don't reach for the biscuits or afternoon tea cake I bet they will be more than happy to! Other than that maybe just see if you can have an extra veg portion rather than any rice or pasta etc. I'm sure they will be happy to help - they will be used to tweaking menus for people with dietary requirements! PLUS you will be burning a hella lot of calories skiing all day so I wouldn't worry too much! just maybe do a couple of nice gentle yoga sessions in the eve to ease the muscle ache! Have a great holiday / I'm very jealous! Liv xx

about 4 years

Hey how exciting 😊. You would only get through with them in your suitcase and I'm not sure they will survive. How about mixing some nuts and dates in a bag kind of like the balls recipe without the wet stuff. Failing that have a fab time with lots of grilled meat fish and veggies. You will be using energy anyway so shouldn't be too bad. Have fun xxx

about 4 years

I know you can travel with food. Madeleine has some Snack recommendations in her book which look good. And the energy balls seem like they would do the job. I wouldn't be a very good adviser as I don't like having snacks when doing sport so perhaps others will have better tricks in their sleeves.
Have fun skiing. I'm going in two weeks too and can't wait. There has been lots of snow in the Alps recently.