Congrats to everyone completing week 8 you should be so proud of yourselfs. But just keep in mind ....... Balance. This lifestyle is obviously incredibly good for you with great food and exercise. However don't fall in to the trap of becoming obsessed with healthy food. It's ok to have treats every now and again, they are not going to hurt you or make you feel awful (if you have a pizza every now and again it won't make you feel crap, it's often a placebo effect). So enjoy eating healthy balanced meals, moderate exercise, love yourself and treats every so often. I love this community on here and will be sure to stay on glow guides even after this is finished. Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouraging comments to me with my recovery it's greatly appreciated X X X

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Loved your inspirational posts. Best of luck on your journey x

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Well said lovely lady 👏👏👏

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