It's been 8 weeks since the app launched! Congratulations to those who have finished, and those who are still going, the transformations have been unreal....with people loosing up to 2 stone, feeling less stressed, having more energy. One of the biggest things people have mentioned is that they have so much more time as all the menu planning is done for them, no more late night wondering what to cook. So please share your transformation pictures and stories on the wall. Please take a picture of yourself with your arms in the air like this one. This arm gesture is strong and happy and that's what a glow girl is. Let's get glowing 😘

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Rachel Flynn
over 4 years

Maddy, I've really enjoyed the programme! The 8 weeks flew by! I have 2 questions: what do you mean by the intuitive meal today? And will you continue to do live streams now that the 8 weeks are over? #sayyes 😜