I have a real knee injury now, only did one workout this week to let it rest :( Today I decided to change the leg/glutes exercices to let my knee rest and replace it with core & upperbody. It was really great but less cardio... So I went swimming just to be a little more tired 🙈 it felt really great. All of this just to say that even if you don't stick to the plan, just listen to your beautiful body and you will Glow !!! It's ok to slow down if your body needs to. Looking forward to get back to Shona's workout and get my ass kicked 😂 Thank you Maddie&Shona for this amazing app and the Glow community for your awesome support, keep glowing ❤️😍
(Sorry if my english isn't perfect, still working on it... Any french glow girls here?!!)

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over 4 years

Keep going gingerglow, we're doing our best ;)

over 4 years

thanks for that. im recovering from a sprained ankle and am also going light on the wrkouts which i find fustrating as i really want to give it my all but u r so right its important to listen to your body and practice patience!!! :)

over 4 years

Well done, my glutes are really killing me after the workouts, hope it will be all worth it though 😀