It's the end of 8 weeks but the beginning of something new. I've lost 13 pounds which has not only taken me back to my pre-baby weight but also to a medically healthy weight for the first time since puberty. Mother's Day has started early for me with a meal out at Giraffe (all good healthy stuff, highly recommended but it was washed down with a cocktail) and tomorrow I know there will be chocolate and prosecco. I'm no longer scared to enjoy my treats though. Before I would diet and exercise and hope and pray and always end up on the same plateau, now I know that I have the resources available to make that old stumbling block a thing of the past. I don't need to worry about the scales anymore. I can drop that mill stone and get on with being healthy and happy

I will continue to play a part in this community. I love the support it offers around an area of my life that has been such a source of anxiety and I know has been a source of anxiety for many of us.

As a bonus the back pain that started up when I became a mum has disappeared. I think I have Shona to thank for that!

Thanks Maddy and Shona!

It's been awesome:-)


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over 4 years

great results and lovely story..has inspired me to keep going dezpite obstacles in the road x

over 4 years

How inspiring for those starting the plan and well done to you. Amazing. Xxx

over 4 years

What an incredible story! Congratulations on your successes. Totally agree about treats. The odd one does not break all the hard work and nutrition going into the rest of the time. Xx