so week 1 done...loved all the recipes and havent felt hungry at all. i have done 2 of the workouts and 2 yogas, due to a sprained ankle i still have to take it easy. this weekend has gone a bit off track as im travelling so cant stick to the food plan and a few glasses of wine have been downed! however i am listening to my body and not bingeing on rubbish and making the best choices i can without feeling im missing out. really looking forward to week 2 so bring it on!!!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

You're doing so well babe congratulations!! Xxxx

over 4 years

phew nice to know im not alone!!! i think life always will get in the way and i just need to work on improving, after its a life style change not an overnight. have been miles better than i was before so as u say its a 👍for us and forward we go xx

over 4 years

I am at same stage & haven't followed to the letter either, mostly with the workouts -moving jobs so life got in the way! Determined to do better this week BUT I'm think we are still in a way better place than this time last week so I'm proud of us! ☺️👍