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I completed my 8 week journey but wasn't able to fully follow the program as I am marathon training... Did lots of yoga which I loved but found difficult at time ( pace is too fast and some positions are still impossible for me). I loved the meditation and some of the recipes are great! I would love to be able to follow this to the letter to see what it does to my body; problem is after marathon number 2 there is number 2 in September and 3 in October! I love the app and it is great to use even though not following the program to the letter! Thank you Madeleine and Shona xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Aww thanks so much so glad you're finding you're way of working with app!! Xxxx

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Abygail Irving-Isom
over 2 years

In amongst the chilled yoga vibe it's easy to forget that some poses are hard. I've practiced yoga for years and have some hyper mobility in my spine and still found some of the routines challenging. I think a beginners programme would be a good idea. The muscle stretch could be a great compliment to your running under the right circumstances.xx