I want to share some things I have gained/ learnt on this 8 week journey thanks to Glow Guides.
1) Healthy doesn't have to be boring. I have created some phenomenal meals over the last few weeks. Good wholesome meals.
2) Listen to your body. My body feels so much better without unnecessary toxins in it. My skin looks amazing and I feel more energised.
3) Love yourself more! It's so easy to self loathe. To think others are better than you. To wish you were prettier or skinnier. To be consumed with the negative and not the positive. To be bullied or victimised and feel it's your fault. Empowerment starts with loving yourself for who you are. ❤️❤️
4) Peace through relaxation and meditation. We are all so busy with our day to day lives and stress can affect us greatly. I've learnt by taking those deep cleansing breaths and letting go of particular stressors I have gained the strength I need to get through some busy and distressing days.
5) I've gained friendships and support from some amazing women from all over the world. YOU! The support here in this little glow community gives me the strength and encouragement I have needed on my darker days. To which I am eternally grateful 😍❤️

I want to especially Thank Madeleine Shaw, for her love, her compassion and her dedication and for putting together the Glow Guides and sharing our incredible journeys with us 😘

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Alliepants that's so beautiful!! So proud of you xxxx

over 3 years


over 3 years

That's so lovely Alliepants. It is truly incredible. Xxx

over 3 years

❤️ this! Xx

Emma jane
over 3 years

Perfect. xxx

over 3 years

Well said Allie...... X x x 😘