Oh my goodness, it was going so well today until power has gone in my kitchen, meaning no oven but I do have a steamer! electrician can't come till 5 today,l. Two ravenous children after school so went through drive - through incase I can't cook for them later and to save my sanity, the smell is too much, I'm soooo hungry! ! succumbed to some rice cakes with nut butter and a herbal tea. Praying I can cook a glow meal later Think lots of people are having a bad day today. Hope yours is going well guys and gals

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Aww babe, hope it all gets fixed for you!! Well done for resisting you're doing so well ❤️❤️

over 4 years

Thanks, managed to adapt by using my steamer in another room! guess it's just a crazy Monday for all xxx

over 4 years

Maybe you can make a salad where no cooking is needed? :) Tomorrow is a new day! Xx

over 4 years

Oh gosh so many having bad day. My friend broke down on a roundabout and my heating and to have packed up! Bring on tomorrow! Xx