What's the plan after week 8? I have loved the ease of it all being set out. Maddie are you producing a follow up programme?

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Abygail Irving-Isom
about 4 years

I'm using Maddy's principals, a combination of healthy sources and my own inspiration for food. Sticking with the last set of workouts while going back to beginning on the yoga...If it is specifically the ease of knowing what's coming that you like there are more weekly plans in the book as well as a bit more of an idea about the thought processes behind them.

about 4 years

I'm going again from week one as I love it. With a few adaptations xx

about 4 years

I think you're supposed to adapt the programme, use the same recipes (or use those from Madeleine's book and blog - there are also plenty of other blogs, like Deliciously Ella or Oh she Glows). Of course you won't be able to stick to a meal plan, except if you use this one. As for the workouts, use those from the last week. I'm afraid it will be a bit repetitive after a while but then again, you have plenty of other workouts on YouTube. Or just go to the gym, the swimming pool, take a ballet class... Just find something you love so you don't give up ! :)