Hi everyone! Is anyone starting the programme on Sunday? I've just got the programme and am going to spend the next few days organising myself so I can really go for it! Would love to know if anyone else is starting it too for the support!

Also, for those who have done it how did you find it?

Am hoping to lose weight and feel great- my daughter is five in June and I'm still carrying a huge amount of baby weight (how ridiculous is that!)

Love to all xx

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over 4 years

Hi, I'm starting on Sunday too! Am looking forward to making some long-term changes. Bit nervous though, very glad there's a community for support and sharing progress xx

over 4 years

I'm starting this Sunday as well ! My new pill makes me eat a lot more. I crave food all the time, especially sweet treats so I really need something to regulate my portions and make me ditch the bad stuff ! I'm not overweight but I did gain 5 kg in just a few months. Of course I'm going to change to another pill as part of the weight gain is hormonal but I do need some help to get back on track !
Good luck to you :)

over 4 years

I'm over the eight weeks and lost 1 stone so very happy and shall continue. Good luck cxx

over 4 years

I started yesterday! I'm doing Monday to Sunday just because of my work schedule and it's really easy! I did my food shop all in one go, walking round Sainsburys with my printed out list. I've made probably a years supply of date and almond balls as I love them so much. Did the work out for the first time and I'm currently lay horizontal on my bed trying to breathe again haha! Good luck and hope you enjoy it xxx

over 4 years

Thank you so
Much everyone and wow a message from The amazing girl herself! Yay! Very excited and thanks for your support- look forward to sharing progress and hearing all of yours! XX

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey gorgeous girl and welcome to the program hope you're excited!! Great that you're getting prepping, let me know how you get on!! And yes the programme is transformational and super nourishing so can help lose weight. It will also make you feel energised and super strong xxxx

over 4 years

I started on Sunday too am loving it x

Joanne Sinead Cleeve
over 4 years

Ive just started also ....followed the book but had bad habits, this is now my focus to love me and if I change and lose weight fab but time out for me and a lot of love also 😍

over 4 years

I'm in week 4 and so far the plan has REALLY helped with shedding my baby weight. I'm not there yet but definitely on the right track and feel very good and energised. I do stick to the recipes - although cutting some stuff when I feel it's too much for me - and most importantly the daily workouts, which in my humble opinion are the key to success! Good luck and enjoy every step of this wonderful journey xx