Morning Glow Squad ! Sending you lots of love and gratitude for all the support you've been showing for my app 💚
I’ve just been for my big shop before the first week of the programme starts and had to get a big smoothie to re-energise. I’ve got everything on my shopping list and I’m excited to get in the kitchen and get prepping! Just to remind you, you can start the 8 week programme any week - I’m just starting this Sunday to celebrate the release of the app - and because it's January and, like you, I need a boost!
Don’t worry if you can’t start tomorrow, you can get going whenever works for you. Who else is getting there food shop done today? Send me pictures! x

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over 4 years

Hi Madeleine, I already love your app! Although I have one little question. I am vegan and I wondered whether this fits with the meal plans in this app. Love, Ella x (from the Netherlands)

over 4 years

Hi madeline
I want to follow the glow guide however I do not want to loose any weight. Would I be able to follow the plan but just add in some healthy carbs and snacks where needed. Such as quinoa, nuts, fruit, coconut yogurt and smoothies? X X

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Amazing going! Loving all the pics - can't wait to start with you all! Gabby - no worries I'll still be on here to support you, let me know if you have any questions x

over 4 years

Shopping done starting Monday! Tried smashed up avocado on rye toast for lunch added a poached egg incredible!!

over 4 years

I'm prepping today too! Really excited about starting the programme. Already a big fan of your recipes and approach I can't wait! A great way to start 2016. Thank you Madeleine X

Gabby Stephenson
over 4 years

That's great news, I'll have to start in one more week because I'm away for work :( but good to know this is waiting for me. xx Gab - Melbourne Australia