Hi glow girls & boys,
I'm finally up to week 2 & loving the program!! Sometimes finding it hard to do my workout. Just wanted to ask in relation to the meals is anyone finding the quantity being to much....... I cooked the brown rice pasta with zucchini & salmon & found there was so much for only 2 servings??
Keep glowing 💕

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over 4 years

Yes sometimes i do, for example the overnight oats seems lke a bucketful however i do manage to munch my way through them lol

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe!! So glad you're enjoying the programme!! Listen to your body but all meals are dietician approved and really nutritious!! Xxxx

over 4 years

Occasionally it was, but on other occasions I feel it's not enough, so I think you just need to adjust it to your needs, maybe freeze the extra portion. :) xx