I work 12.5 hour shifts on my feet for the whole and sometimes without a break so I'm really struggling to do workouts after work. I do them happily on my days off (3-4days) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Xo

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over 4 years

Nurse here!
Happy to share tips with any other shift workers in the group, as to how to keep up with the work outs and not feel guilty about it 😁

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, sounds like you're really active so just working out on your days off is amazing and such good work!! See how you feel and work with that - maybe try more yoga! Let me know how you get on xxxx

over 4 years

I'm a midwife so it's hard going shifts, thanks guys glad I'm not the only one/being too slack xx

over 4 years

I think you should just do it in your days off. Don't flog yourself or you will end up dreading it. Xxx

Joanne M
over 4 years

I do 12.5hrs as well and was thinking I'd just aim for my days off too. I was feeling guilty so nice to know you're the same 👍👍

over 4 years

Oh my goodness, what do you do? 12.5 h on your feet is probably enough of a workout! And 3/4 times on your days of is great. I wouldn't push too much cause your body needs to rest too... Xx